Norton-Lifestyle-Hotels.jpgSilver and Black Company, in partnership with Norton Motorcycles (UK), is developing a new lifestyle brand – Norton Lifestyle Hotels. Norton Lifestyle Hotels marks a new chapter in the lifestyle hotel sector.

Norton is an iconic British brand steeped in motorcycle tradition since 1898. Norton Lifestyle Hotels combines this proud and prestigious motorcycle heritage with a story of urban renewal and gentrification delivering an eclectic, chic, edgy, contemporary hotel.

The character of each hotel is unique as dictated by the architecture and neighbourhood. This encompasses not only out-of-the-box concepts, services, design, and innovation, but also personal, friendly service with unique food, beverage, and entertainment that draws from the locale and panache. Each property is part of the fabric of the local neighbourhood and culture in which it operates. A reflection of each locality, the hotel provides an oasis where bikers, executives, and road warriors share a comfortable space.

Silver and Black Company has appointed HolmesDillon, a hospitality procurement company, as their branding and procurement partner. HolmesDillon will develop the hotel brand and all interior styling.

Silver and Black Company plan to open 14 hotels over the next 10 years.
Sanctuaries for the road warrior to get out of the rut on the road.