Common Sense

“To Success”

The most successful hotels to lead the industry out of the recession will:

  • Know their customers. Listen closely to their guests to understand how the market landscape is changing.
  • Know their competition. Plot the competitor’s moves. Know what they did to respond to the downturn, a good indication of the moves they are considering in an upturn.
  • Destroy the box. Recessions are excellent opportunities to do the unexpected and pursue new strategies that can change the playing field in the next growth economy. Think contrarily and brainstorm these strategies through a disciplined methodology.
  • Realign service and amenity offerings. Changes in market dynamics, hotel resources, and industry drivers require a realignment of service offerings. These must be more than cosmetic changes. There should be an in-depth feasibility study, evaluation and possibly a restructuring based on service audit. Ask “are we giving members what they want, in a way they want it, at a price they will pay for?”
  • Create change triggers. Change triggers define the leading indicators and economic events that activate a hotel’s response to a turnaround in the numbers. Each trigger point should be accompanied by tactics, budgeting, and metrics.


“Norton Lifestyle Brand”

The process of building a brand begins with a clear understanding of what customers want from a particular service. This understanding is then translated into a promise, which is the basis of the brand and tells guests what they can expect. We use a methodical six-step process for brand building, which is a common strategic platform (CSP), or a process framework, for strategic brand development. The method used by the Silver and Black Company Brand team is applicable to personalized services that aim to create an emotion-inducing, memorable guest experience.

The creative team uses the CSP to:

  • Develop the Norton Lifestyle Hotels brand and identify the motivational factors for Silver and Black clients using data from potential sources in targeted mega-regions
  • Evaluate the value proposition and assess its competitive brand position as compared to the nearby offerings that constitute its competitive set
  • Develop core brand elements based on the target client motivations
  • Establish brand elements, including brand promises and delivery of the elements
  • Prepare a refined set of mock up rooms with potential customers
  • Develop a set of symbolic brand touch points as part of brand messages and images


“Seamless and effortless services”

Our lifestyle hotels reflect the balance between business culture and family lifestyle requirements of each community. The design, identity, mix of facilities, and style of cuisine are individual to each hotel.

The philosophy is simple: create a design that does not conflict with the other elements of the experience of food and personalized service that comes together to create a memorable experience. This will emerge from deep consultation and understanding of the market demographics and competition, as well as the multicultural experience of the management team. We invest and treat our management and staff with dignity, as well as our premises.

Norton Lifestyle Hotels nurture the traditions of “place to be hotels” development, including the formation of a vibrant board and committees that guide the hotel, membership by invitations, and outstanding events. Norton Lifestyle Hotels become memorable places that add to the cities and communities they serve. Each hotel supports worthy causes, hosts quality events, enhances idea exchange, international links, and fosters business relationships.


“Lifestyle Oasis”

The mission of Norton Lifestyle Hotels is to be the most sought after hotel in its markets. Norton Lifestyle Hotels manage hotels in the major cities that make it worth the ride and effort to take a trip or just hang out and eat. Within each community of that city, Norton Lifestyle Hotels uses its know-how and experience to create an experience  with the right balance of qualities to be a valued “lifestyle oasis” in the community and a sustainable, lively hotel.

This involves providing financially viable hotels with high customer appeal and the highest international standards of quality and seamless service, understanding each member’s needs and exceeding their expectations, delivering a fair return to shareholders, fulfilling social responsibilities and creating hotels thought of as ”local assets” to the neighbourhood and community.


Norton Lifestyle Hotels raison d'être is to provide services that exceed the expectations of its guests and give them no thought or cause to look elsewhere.

Norton Lifestyle Hotels purpose is to keep its clients lives simple, in a style they are accustomed to, and that upon leaving each hotel feel nurtured and refreshed.

A hotel that offers a place to entertain guests, a built-in social network, and the familiarity of old faces and personalized service, all rolled into one package. A place where the kind of existence we want, a place where one can make such a connection.


Norton Lifestyle Hotels is positioned in the business and leisure segment and designed from the ground up to accommodate today’s demanding affluent lifestyles. Norton Lifestyle Hotels maximizes every usable space in a dynamic, innovative, and multi-functional way to create welcoming, comfortable, efficient, and profitable areas.

We combine intellectual capital designed to outperform like a hotel business in all aspects. The future is in understanding and consistently meeting guest's emotive needs with macro-servicing staff, evolving modern amenities at a perceived value point. This fosters long term repeat returns to our hotels and completes the concept.

Collectively, our team has over two centuries of combined global expertise and have learned over the years what works and what doesn't: a focused creative and business team, dedicated to continuous improvement as well as brand building both locally and internationally; centralized creative guest services that anticipate guest requirements; a sales and marketing team concentrated on one brand only while being part of the local fabric and neighborhood. Norton Lifestyle Hotels seeks to become the premier worldwide provider of quality value brand within ten years.