Lifestyle Hotels

Silver and Black Company works with brand owners, investors, property investors, and operators in hospitality development, specifically in the lifestyle segment. This segment was formalized in June 2011, when Hotel Valuation Services (HVS) announced that a new category of hotel is being tracked by the industry called the "Lifestyle Hotel Segment", a four star and full service segment.

The opportunity to create or migrate a brand in the new "lifestyle segment" is unparalleled and a game changer in the hospitality industry - it puts know how and passion ahead of the big box chains - a disruptor on even footing. The next decade will give a foothold to those who know there's something better.

The Plan

Develop the vision and brand. Deliver the concept, design and development. Vision, concept, and design are high-quality physical assets and ensure customer service in an inviting and lively environment for our guests to socialize and network. We are ever mindful not to repeat the five biggest guest complaints: acoustics, lighting, technology, air conditioning, and maintenance.

Review feasibility and market studies. Use our creative professionals to develop the vision and Norton Lifestyle Hotels brand and then deliver the concept, design, and development tailored to each market we choose to enter.

Empower and train the operational team at property level who are the front line guest contact personnel (revenue generating) with the related knowledge essential to service encounters. Most customers make repeat purchase decisions based on their satisfaction with the service encounters that are handled by these very employees. Support back of house personnel that are empowered to provide seamless service by proactively managing both material and human resources to this end.

Value of the Norton Lifestyle Hotels brand, its marketing channels, and its ability to attract and retain a loyal customer base. Key factors for success are the right concepts in each market, high-quality physical assets, and intrinsically motivated employees. “If I have to constantly motivate a person I probably do not want them on my team.”

Lifestyle Branding
Silver and Black Company help companies successfully launch new brands or develop and grow their existing brands in the lifestyle hospitality segment. From concept to completion, your brand becomes an entity of its own when integrated as a hotel and restaurant brand, and includes new products and services as extensions of the original brand name. More...