Lifestyle Branding

Lifestyle Branding

“Services that are seamless and effortless”

Our lifestyle hotels reflect the balance between business culture and family lifestyle requirements of each community we serve. The design,  identity,  mix of facilities and style of cuisine are individual to each hotel.

The philosophy is simple: create a design that does not conflict with the other elements of the experience of food and personalized service that comes together to create a memorable experience. They emerge from deep consultation and understanding of the market demographics and competition, as well as the multi-cultural experience of the management team. We invest and treat our management and staff with dignity, as well as our premises.

Silver and Black Company will nurture the traditions of lifestyle hotels development, including a board and committees that guide the hotel by invitations and outstanding events. The Silver and Black Company brand become memorable places that exist for the betterment of the cities and communities they serve. Each hotel supports worthy causes, hosts quality events,  enhances idea exchange, international links, and fosters business relationships.



While a branded hotel may promise standards and consistency, Silver and Black Company is distinct for its ability to make connections, create lasting impressions, and deliver authentic experiences – all delivered in the context of a local market.

This individuality and local connection is vital, and our branding process starts with understanding the target audiences, appreciating the marketplace, understanding the owner’s vision, and incorporating strategic business goals. Silver and Black Company believes in developing original concepts and strong brands for sustainable success.


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