Collaboration and Partnership

Collaboration and Partnership

We're open to and engaged in a partnership of vision. A hotel owner or investor knows their community intimately and the property is a source of pride and fabric in the community.

As your brand operator, we operate on a mutual understanding of goals and treat your investment as our own. Our management people are qualified decision-makers at all levels ranging from property concept and development to operations and revenue management.

By seeking out open and collaborative conversations, we embrace and deliver measurable, sustainable return on investment through transparency and accountability at all times and instances of the development and asset cycle.

Hotel Management

Hotel Management

With a spirit of curiosity and a bold vision, Norton Lifestyle Hotels embrace the story of independent hotels to deliver sustainable growth for our clients and lasting impressions to our guests. We maximize revenue, ensure profitability, and create asset value through a proven method of hiring, training, and exceptional service delivery.

Our Notable Characteristics

  • Motivation 3 organizational methods using behavior-based hiring of people who possess humility, passion, and respect
  • Meticulously training to ensure genuine unscripted interactions with guests and a passionate sense of ownership by all team members
  • A culture of accountability and measurement and reward
  • Collaboration with ownership, an open dialog, and shared vision
  • Creating vibrant opportunities for interaction between locals and guests, both business and leisure, to ensure a sanctuary “a place to get out of the rut in the road”
 Intellectual Capital

Intellectual Capital

The sum of the parts are greater than the whole

Vision, Concept, and Design are high-quality physical assets, ensuring customer service in an inviting and lively environment for guests to socialize and network.

Human Capital consists of three teams: 1) a knowledge team based in London comprised of creative professionals to develop the vision and Norton Lifestyle Hotels brand and then deliver the concept, design and development, 2) at property level are the front line guest contact personnel (revenue generating) who possess the related knowledge essential to service encounters, 3) also at property level are the support personnel that are empowered to provide seamless service by proactively managing both material and human resources to this end.

System Capital is coordinated and managed by the Chief Operating Officer based in Paris. We believe this position is tuned to having the pulse and feel of the theatre and guests while ensuring the Norton Lifestyle Hotels brand is consistent across all hotels. System Capital, constantly evaluates what we do to improve and develop new services and products, as well as managing the operations knowledge of the firm, and the processes, policies and procedures of each hotel.

Customer Capital is the value of the Norton Lifestyle Hotels brand, its marketing channels, and its ability to attract and retain a loyal customer and employee base. It reflects operational increase in subsequent years with higher financial returns and creates the advantage that competitors may find difficult to duplicate.

People are our most important asset and are treated with respect and integrity.

Motivation 3 versus 1 & 2

Motivation 3 versus 1 & 2

Silver and Black Company employs the Motivation 3 theory
“Pursuing Excellence”
  • Targets a Purpose Motive
  • Using with Autonomy & Mastery
  • The benefits are a higher operational increase in subsequent years.
  • Reflects operational increase in subsequent years with higher financial returns.
  • Ability to attract and retain a loyal customer base.
  • Create the advantage that competitors may find difficult to duplicate.
  • Ability to attract and retain loyal employees.

The pack uses the worn path of Motivation 1 & 2 theory

  • That targets Profit Motive
  • The Standard “Carrot and Stick” reward system
  • The effects over time are higher employee turnover and lower profits


A big box brand is not enough to sustain growth and elicit loyalty from an ever demanding consumer. We understand the touch points of customer championed hotels – we’ve owned them, developed them, managed and marketed them.

To be successful in hospitality is rather an art and philosophy with a Common Operational Platform (COP) that delivers short and long-term returns for owners and investors and unscripted experiences for our guests.

Both business and leisure travellers today seek out unique experiences that are personal, engaging, and real; they are inspired by authenticity, vibrant culture with living neighborhoods and local hospitality. We deliver on all cylinders so these are every day occurrences, seamlessly and effortlessly.

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